Hollywood couples often break up after a few years together, but some exceptions show that true love exists in show business.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are a fantastic couple with a love story that spans decades and proves that love can overcome anything.

They met in 1968 on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.

Goldie was 21, and Kurt was 16. 

Goldie and Kurt led separate personal lives as their careers progressed independently. in 1969, she wed dancer Gus Trikonis and remained with him for seven years. Following the divorce, Hawn married musician Bill Hudson and had two children, Oliver and Kate Hudson. Russell married Season Hubley, his co-star from Elvis, and had a son, Boston, with her.

Kurt and Hubley were married for four years but divorced in 1983. Hawn divorced Hudson in 1980. She met Bill Hudson while she was still married to Trikonis. Both actors had terrible luck with their marriages and became single around the same time. However, they could never have imagined they would end up together.

In 1983, Goldie and Kurt met again at an audition for Swing Shift. Russell was fascinated with Goldie many years after their last meeting. 

Goldie became pregnant three years into her relationship with Kurt. Wyatt Russell was born on July 10, 1986. Wyatt has three half-siblings: two kids from Hawn and Hudson and a child from Russell and Hubley. Kate Hudson considers Kurt her birth father because of their strong family bond. Wyatt acts in movies like Everybody Wants Some! and 22 Jump Street.

Kurt and Goldie were happy together for 34 years but never married.

Goldie and Kate Hudson have a very close relationship. Goldie is proud of raising a wonderful woman who became a famous actress. 

 Kate was fortunate to have Kurt as her stepfather and considers him her birth father. Many children have difficulties with their stepparents, but Kate has a great relationship with Kurt. 

Goldie also had another child with Bill Hudson, Oliver. Kate and Oliver tried to contact their biological father, but Bill did not respond. The siblings are close; maybe searching for their birth father brought them closer. Fortunately, they always had Kurt.

Fortunately, Goldie and Kurt avoided the Hollywood curse and remained together for many years. Their relationship is stronger now than ever. We must consistently determine if their lack of marital pressure contributed to this. The most important thing is that their family and friends know that they have an example of everlasting love right before their eyes.