Emmanuelle Behar disappeared from Hollywood after starring with Tom Cruise in the first ‘Mission Impossible.’ Now the woman looks unrecognizable after having botched lip surgery. 

It’s been nearly three decades since Tom Cruise returned to his iconic role as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise, but his stunning partner from the first movie Emmanuelle Behar, who they starred in 1996, has not joined him. 

Emmanuelle Behar gained popularity after playing the role of Ethan’s first lover, Claire Phelps. 

This role was a breakthrough for the French actress in the United States, and she was quickly dubbed one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. 

The game brunette bombshell enchanted the audience, but after this grandiose role, fifty-nine-year-old actresses no longer starred in major blockbusters. 

Although Emmanuelle keeps a low profile compared to her legendary stardom, she made headlines after speculation that she had gone under the knife. 

In 2012, she finally revealed that she had undergone a “botched” cosmetic procedure. 

The woman had a mouth job when she was twenty-seven years old. It was a botched job. 

When talking about why she decided to have this surgery, she explained that if she liked her mouth, she would not have it redesigned. 

If a man or woman redesigns something, it is because they can no longer live with that part of their body; it is no longer tolerable. 

Emmanuelle Behar recounted her experience to warn other girls against repeating her mistake. 

It is a severe act of which one cannot always foresee all the consequences. 

Refusing further cosmetic procedures, the actress admitted she worries about aging without them. 

Just the thought of injections these days makes Emmanuelle terrified.  

Emmanuelle was only twenty-three years old when she first rose to fame in the French film Manon of the Springs. Although she eventually retired from Hollywood, she has returned to her original interest in French cinema. 

During her appearance on “Fifty Minutes Inside” in 2020, she fondly recalled her time filming Mission Impossible. 

While she may have had little mainstream success in the United States, she continues to be a big star in film and television in her home country. 

Her latest role is as a police commissioner in the French drama series Syndrome E, and she recently showed off her new look at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. 

Making an admission that plastic surgery has “affected her a lot,” she opted to keep it natural but still looks nothing like she did during Mission Impossible, swapping her long brown curls for a bright blonde bob.