Lexi Reed has struggled with her weight since she was a child. At 25 years old, she weighed 392 pounds. Although she remained a joyful and gregarious person, the additional weight affected the quality of her life.

Eventually, Lexi met the love of her life, Danny Reed, who had been her best friend for a decade. Danny loved Lexi, regardless of size or shape, for who she was. However, there was one problem: he was inactive and had unhealthy eating habits.

The couple was obese. Danny, who was only a few years older than Lexi, weighed about 280 pounds. They were contributing to one another’s unhealthy lifestyle, and while their relationship was affectionate, the excess weight was affecting their health.

Finally, the two became engaged. At that time, Lexi weighed 485 pounds, making it difficult for her to find a wedding dress that would fit her well.

 The thought of starting a family had crossed her mind, but considering her weight, pregnancy would pose a severe threat to both her and the baby. 

A year passed, but nothing changed in her situation. The pair decided to follow some guidelines for a month:

No eating out

No soda

No alcohol

No cheating meals

Exercising for 30 minutes five times a week

Initially, going to the gym once a day was only the first step for Lexi and Danny. They also had to modify their food habits. 

Their dedication to the gym and healthy eating kept mounting as days passed. Finally, they began to see noticeable changes! Lexi started attending gym classes and meeting new people. These new friends became her support system and held her accountable.

Initially, Lexi lost about 20 pounds per month. Later, her weight loss slowed, but she continued going to the gym, eating healthy, and tracking her daily calorie intake. Eventually, her new habits became a permanent part of her lifestyle.

Danny was with Lexi every step of the way, and soon, he could see an improvement in his health. In only two years, Danny lost nearly 100 pounds. At the start, he weighed 280 pounds, but by the end of the first year, he had reduced his weight to 190 pounds.

After 18 months, Lexi’s life had changed completely. The amount of change was remarkable. By May 2018, she had lost an impressive 312 pounds.

Lexi made an Instagram account in the autumn of 2016 to document her inspiring journey and provide and receive encouragement. She chose the username “Fat Girl Fed Up” and started uploading pictures of herself exercising daily, accompanied by motivational quotes. As of today, Lexi boasts over 750,000 followers on Instagram.

Their accomplishments are impressive enough to have appeared on various TV shows and even the prestigious SAG Awards. These are actual celebrities!