Melania Trump has been in the public eye since the late 1990s. She met Donald Trump at a party in September 1998 while still a model. Her life with him expanded her public life tenfold and taught her how to exist in front of the camera.

As first lady, she had some significant standout moments. 

During Donald Trump’s inauguration, Melania Trump’s smile while her husband was sworn into office caught significant attention.

The temperature between the couple was ice cold when Melania smiled at Donald during his swearing-in ceremony. However, as Marie Claire noted, she completely dropped the smile and frowned intensely when he turned his back to her.

Melania Trump’s body language made many uncomfortable during the inaugural ball dance

In a five-minute video of the dance posted by ABC News on X (formerly Twitter), it is clear that the first lady maintained a rigid posture and often pulled away from her husband’s face. Millions of onlookers noted her awkward body language on social media.

Perhaps you believed Melania Trump’s uncomfortable moments began only at the inauguration ceremony. However, the first lady began her and Donald Trump’s 2017 arrival in the nation’s capital with an awkward hand-holding moment that made us all cringe. While exiting his plane in Washington, D.C., for the inauguration, then-President-elect Trump reached for his wife’s hand. However, she quickly grabbed his hand and dropped it away from her.

Rushing to talk to reporters, Donald Trump left Melania Trump in the rain.

Trump was known for stopping to talk to reporters and photographers while exiting the White House to discuss his administration. In 2018, Melania Trump joined him, and, classically, he stopped to speak to the press. However, he left Melania alone and unprotected from the rain during the encounter, awkwardly captured on video. 

Do you remember when Melania Trump shook hands with Donald Trump on stage?

Nothing says natural, intimate romance like a handshake. At a 2017 event at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, Melania Trump introduced her husband to the audience of military members. He shook her hand instead of a hug or kiss on the cheek. 

He then gestured for her to leave the stage, which was done with no subtlety. 

During the national anthem, Melania Trump nudges Donald Trump to place his hand over his heart.

Although Donald Trump has previously hugged and kissed the American flag, he is best known for his apparent love of the national anthem. However, in 2017, his passion for all things patriotic suffered a bit of a slip-up. During the 139th annual White House Easter Egg Roll, Melania Trump had to nudge Donald awkwardly to put his hand over his heart during the anthem. Their clunky interactions often go viral; this on-video nudge was no exception. 

Melania Trump received criticism for her appearance at Rosalynn Carter’s funeral.

It is common for former presidents and first ladies to gather for funerals of their own. However, some people found it odd that Melania Trump attended Rosalynn Carter’s tribute service. This was not due to anything she did or said, but instead because of President Donald Trump’s past disparaging comments about the Carters. One of the most insensitive comments was made at a rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa, the day after Mrs. Carter was admitted to hospice. In a clip shared by the Des Moines Register, President Trump said, “Jimmy Carter must be the happiest person in the country right now because his administration looks brilliant compared to these clowns.”