After snake catchers challenged people to try and spot the reptile, a photo of a backyard has gone viral. The photo was taken in Brisbane, Australia, where a shocked Corinda resident called for help after scrutinizing his Snake Catchers Brisbane garden.

Did you see anything unusual in the photo? As it turns out, a giant 8-foot carpet python is hiding among the trash. Arriving at the house, snake catcher Brian Robinson surveyed the area and caught the reptile.

He caught the reptile. He also took a picture of the backyard and then posted it on social media, encouraging people to spot the snake.

” Time to spot the snake! Some suburban backyards make for snake habitat,” the Snake Catchers Brisbane employee wrote on Facebook. The photo went viral quickly, and people couldn’t help but feel confused, seeing nothing but wood, grass, and vegetation all over the yard.

As luck would have it, some onlookers solved the mystery: they spotted the reptile and pointed out its location to other people. So, have you seen the snake yet? If not, take a look at the photo below!

Did you manage to spot the snake without help? Users should have pointed out that keeping the area around our homes clean is essential to avoid unwanted guests seeking shelter. For those who have not been able to solve this problem, we offer another photo showing a snake hiding.

Snake. Take a look and find the reptile!

Do you see a snake? In case you need help, the reptile in the photo is right in front of you in the center of the picture!

Take a look at the photo below to find the right solution!