Stanislav Yanevski, who shot to fame playing heartthrob Victor Krum in the Harry Potter franchise, looks unrecognizable after nearly two decades.

In The Goblet Of Fire, he debuted as the Durmstrang student who played as a Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team.

Hogwarts students paid much attention to him due to his fame as a sportsman. He famously asked Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) to the Yule Ball.

In the memorable moment, Stanislav was dressed in red, looking intelligent and clean-shaven, while Emma sported Hermione’s iconic pink dress.

However, almost twenty years later, Stan is entirely unrecognizable. He has ditched his trademark buzz cut and now sports long, wavy locks.

With bulging biceps, he now rocks a more dapper style, including quirky suits and top hats inspired by 1940s fashion. His facial hair has also grown out, sporting a fuzzy beard and mustache.

Stan has also made a significant career change. Since his appearance in Harry Potter, he has starred in films such as Hostel: Part II and The Cloaking. His most recent credit was in the 2021 movie Last Man Down.

Earlier this year, the actor surprised fans by announcing his new career as a lecturer and motivational speaker.

 He took part in a lecture and wrote on Instagram, ‘Today was a very motivational day. I hope to have inspired the students as much as they inspired me.’

Stan refers to himself as an actor, businessman, YouTuber, and adventurer on his social media accounts. In his Cameo, he describes himself as an actor, influencer, fitness motivator, YouTuber, and Instagrammer who loves to see people smile and be happy.

He is best known for his role as Viktor Krum in Harry Potter, as well as for #stansarmy and Stan Yanevski. If you want a personal message, he can make it unique and special.

He has also made a career change.

Lynch is not the only Harry Potter star to transform recently. Evanna Lynch, who shot to fame playing Luna Lovegood in

Harry Potter recently underwent a dramatic hair transformation that left her almost unrecognizable. The 32-year-old actress had to bleach her naturally dark locks to a light blonde for the iconic role. Since the franchise wrapped, she kept her signature colored locks for several years.

However, this year, Evanna switched things up and posted a stunning selfie of her new hairstyle on Instagram.