Some people have raised concerns about Camilla’s health due to her advanced age, hectic schedule, and worrying symptoms experienced while out in public. Let’s review key moments in her health history better to understand her overall health and passion for related causes. 

Queen Camilla has been an advocate for osteoporosis awareness for several years. Camilla may be at risk for osteoporosis, a standard bone disease that primarily affects women. It is essential to increase awareness of osteoporosis, especially for those with a family history. 

David Wiener told Express that Camilla practices both forms of exercise. While it is unclear whether she has the condition, practicing yoga and pilates can help prevent and manage it. 

According to Express, Queen Camilla has been dealing with recurring sinusitis for many years. The public witnessed Camilla struggling during the annual Armistice Day festivities in 2021.

Reports suggest that incidents of Camilla dealing with sinusitis go back even further than this, with a nasty infection making her feel under the weather on the week of her wedding to then-Prince Charles. Camilla experienced sinusitis in 2012, which led to the cancellation of several engagements and charity events in early October of that year.

In 2010, while on an Easter holiday getaway with then-Prince Charles, Camilla, Queen Consort, had an accident. According to The Guardian, Camilla, who was 62 years old, slipped and fell while walking outside the couple’s estate of Birkhall in Scotland.

On February 14, 2022, Clarence House announced that then-Prince Charles and Camilla had tested positive for COVID-19. Charles had tested positive four days before his wife, according to CBS News. 

In 2023, Queen Camilla was diagnosed with COVID-19 for the second time.

The announcement of her positive test came almost exactly a year after the first time she tested positive for the virus. 

Camilla contracted COVID-19 for the second time within a year. However, the virus’ duration was shorter this time, which is good news. 

Concerns have been raised about Queen Camilla’s physical and mental health due to her visibly shaking hands during a trip to Kenya with King Charles III.

Despite turning 76 in July 2023, she maintains a busy schedule with solo public appearances and shared duties with her husband. 

 Queen Camilla’s strenuous global tours at her age can strain her physical and mental health. According to Sarah Campus, an outside nutrition and fitness expert, the Queen’s duties to carry out so far from home will undoubtedly increase her stress levels.

Express reported that a year earlier, royal watchers noticed Camilla’s hands shaking while giving a speech recognizing International Women’s Day. Buckingham Palace has not written any severe health issues on her behalf as of this writing. Camilla appears to be a healthy septuagenarian with a history of health scares and chronic conditions, just like any average person.