Donald and Melania Trump have been under public scrutiny for years as the 45th president and first lady of the United States. They married in 2005 and had their only child, Barron Trump, in 2006. in 2016, Donald ran in the presidential election, changing their lives forever.

Melania and Donald Trump’s marriage has always faced criticism, and there are now clear signs of a falling out between them. Melania is quieter than Donald. Some recent interactions and her absence from events have led to questions about their relationship. 

Donald Trump forgot his wife’s birthday, which is always a faux pas.

 Melania Trump turned 53 on April 26, 2023. She celebrated her birthday quietly with family at Mar-a-Lago. 

However, many were surprised that Donald did not publicly acknowledge his wife’s birthday despite being very vocal about it in the past. On the same day, he made 15 posts on Truth Social, including several about the civil trial he was facing in New York, claiming the allegations against him were ‘a made-up SCAM.’ Amidst his flurry of social media activity, he made no comment or well wishes to mark his wife’s special day (via Express).

One of the most notable instances of this that got the public talking was a video that surfaced of the pair arriving in Israel. As they walked down a red carpet, then-president Donald Trump was a few steps ahead of his wife. When he reached his hand back, apparently to take Melania’s, she appeared to swat him away. 

Melania is understandably angry over Trump’s alleged affairs.

Sources close to the couple say it’s causing a rift between them. Melania prefers not to speak of the legal case or her husband’s possible infidelity, even among her close circle. 

Melania’s understandable anger stems from the alleged affair between Daniels and her husband, which reportedly occurred just a few months after the birth of their son, Barron. 

Melania Trump has not been attending her husband’s political campaign events.

In May 2023, she spoke to Fox News Digital to publicly support her husband’s re-election campaign. She stated that if they were to regain their office, they would restore hope for the future and lead America with love and strength. 

However, since making this statement, Melania has kept a low profile and remained absent from her husband’s campaign events. 

When a reporter asked if his wife would join him on the campaign trail, Trump replied that she was spending time with Barron while he was at school. However, he added that she would join him at the appropriate time.’ He also mentioned that he tries to keep her away from politics, stating that it can be ‘nasty and mean.’ Melania’s absence was explained by Trump in this way (via NBC News).