Adam Lambert captivated the world with his rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at his ‘American Idol’ audition, impressing the judges with his astonishing vocals and extraordinary range.

Despite facing hardships, he continued to pursue his passion and is now a successful star. Adam Lambert has transformed over the years, from his early days on the stage to his status as an iconic rock star who takes charge of his career.

He grew up singing ‘the classics’.

Lambert has been creative since he was a little boy, and his performing chops were evident from a young age. 

According to Music Theatre International’s website, Lambert began acting at 8 with the Metropolitan Educational Theatre Network. He continued to train and perform with the group for the next eight years. Lambert also received vocal training during his childhood. 

In high school, things improved for Lambert after a period where he ‘didn’t have any friends.’ In ninth grade, he joined clubs and found people who shared his interests, significantly improving his social life.

Adam Lambert, as noted by The Guardian, came out as gay to his friends and family when he was 18 years old and has been secure with his sexuality ever since. 

During a speech at London’s Mosaic Centre in 2018 (via NME), Lambert expressed that coming out was a relief and helped him improve his relationships.

Although he never made a secret of his sexuality, he did not publicly discuss it on ‘American Idol.’ He had to battle homophobia early in his career. 

He publicly appeared in a Rolling Stone cover story shortly after the ‘American Idol’ finale. However, his struggle for acceptance was beginning. His first album, ‘For Your Entertainment,’ effectively launched with a performance at the 2009 American Music Awards. During the performance, he kissed a male member of the band, which was censored.

Adam Lambert, an openly gay artist, has noticed a significant change in the music industry’s acceptance of LGBTQIA+ artists since he began his career.

Although his sexuality was a hot topic when he first became famous in the late 2000s, it is no longer a focal point.  

Lambert’s participation as a judge on Starstruck is a testament to this positive shift.

In 2022, Adam Lambert joined the British singing competition ‘Starstruck’ judging panel. The show features undiscovered singers who impersonate real-life singing idols after undergoing a makeover. 

Contestants compete in groups of three, and a winner is declared at the end of each episode. This provides a change of pace from ‘American Idol,’ which only has one winner per season. Lambert stated that he enjoys seeing a rotation of victors. ‘It’s enjoyable to watch a contestant you’ve been rooting for from the beginning episode to the end and get that rush,’ he said.