Kate Middleton’s cancer recovery is going well, says an expert. Prince William’s recent public appearances are intended to signal that the royal family is returning to normal. The Princess of Wales, 42, stunned the world last month when she announced that she was undergoing chemotherapy for an undisclosed form of cancer.

Prince William stepped back from royal duties to support his sick wife. He returned to royal life on Thursday by appearing at a food distribution charity in Surrey, England.

Last week, Prince William was seen watching a soccer game with his oldest son, Prince George. Both outings reassured the public that Princess Kate was recovering well. “It sent this message that things are going on, more or less as normal.”

Princess Kate’s health battle comes as King Charles, 75, also battles cancer.

The monarch has also been forced to retreat from public duties, plunging the royals into crisis.

In January, Charles released a statement saying he would be hospitalized for treatment for an enlarged prostate. He subsequently announced that doctors found cancer during that operation.

The news came soon after Princess Kate said she would be out of the public eye until after Easter because she was having surgery. Doctors found cancer during the procedure, so she can’t work for a while.