A viral video circulated on social networks, in which a bird secretly eats pasta from a woman’s plate, fell in love with the entire Internet. 

Food is not just a means of sustenance; it’s also a whole other passion. We’ve seen food lovers savor their favorite dishes, take a bite out of every taste, and indulge in those they enjoy. But it turns out that even our feathered friends from the animal kingdom do not mind a bite or two of our food! Recently, a viral video of a bird secretly eating pasta off a woman’s plate went viral on the Internet.  

The video was posted online by popular Twitter user @BornaKang, which has over forty-one million views. “Heck, if this weren’t recorded, no one would believe it,” reads the caption to the viral video. The video was originally posted by user @777laurenz and went viral on social media. The short video clip shows a woman waiting to eat her pasta. The sparrow was quickly taking bites from a bowl of Arrabiata spaghetti. The woman looked in amazement at the bird eating her food. The woman later continued eating as the bird flew away. 

There was also a flurry of feedback in the video’s comments section. “Are people horrified that she kept eating? I trust the cleanliness of birds more than humans,” one user stated. “This is exactly how a pandemic starts,” another claimed.