As Catherine, Princess of Wales, continues her recovery from a shocking cancer diagnosis, William, Prince of Wales, is getting back to business as usual. For the duration of Kate Middleton’s treatment, Prince William is traveling alone for the first time, staying overnight away from his family.

Prince William’s visit to Cornwall on May 9 and 10 is not just a routine trip. It’s a testament to his dedication to philanthropy as he plans to visit the site of the Duchy of Cornwall’s new housing project, which aims to build over 20 new homes in Newquay for the homeless. 

William’s trip is obviously for a good cause, but besides the beautiful project he is learning about, this trip also bodes well for his family. William has attended several public events over the past few months. But mostly, the prince has been at home, where he has reportedly taken care of his family while Kate underwent chemotherapy. If William feels comfortable leaving the house for two days, his family’s affairs at home are on the mend. 

William and Charles’ appearance in public is good news.

Unsurprisingly, Prince William decided to go to a public event with an overnight stay. The royals are eager to put a few months of health struggles behind them and return to their royal duties. Toward the end of April, King Charles III quashed talk that his health continued to deteriorate after being diagnosed with cancer by announcing that he would return to public events this spring and summer. At the same time, William also returned to work. On April 30, William went to a new suicide prevention center in Newcastle and then to a low-carbon concrete plant. 

William is not just returning to his job as a working king but doing what is most important to him—after months of the royal family’s less-than-optimal optics and PR, showing where their priorities for the public lie is a step in the right direction. It’s also good to see that William’s family can survive a few days without his care. This comes just a week after a fan at one of William’s appearances asked about his family, and he replied, “Everyone is doing well.” The royals certainly can’t be accused of being overly transparent with the public, but this positive assessment of his wife and children’s well-being may be accurate.