Since 2018, when Guilfoyle started dating Donald Trump Jr., she has been critical of the Biden administration. At the 2020 Republican National Convention, Guilfoyle said, “If you want to see the socialist future for our country, just look at California.” It is a wealthy, innovative, and clean place, but the Democrats made it unsafe with discarded needles, riots, and blackouts.

Guilfoyle’s Trump-like approach wasn’t something she adopted when she signed up to be one of the former president’s political surrogates. Guilfoyle and Harris have been feuding since the late 1990s. in 1996, Guilfoyle was fired from her job as a deputy district attorney in San Francisco after the new district attorney made changes. The setback didn’t end her career. She got hired by the Los Angeles D.A.’s office. 

But when Guilfoyle tried to return to the San Francisco office later, Harris stopped her. The VP denies the claim.

Harris reportedly lied to keep Guilfoyle out of her former workplace. Guilfoyle said she contacted the second-in-command attorney at her former workplace in San Francisco to try to rejoin the team. At the time, Kamala Harris was already working as a supervisor for the D.A.’s career criminal unit. Harris called Guilfoyle to say she couldn’t let her return. “[Harris] said I should have gone through her if I wanted to return to the D.A.’s office — and that there was no money to hire me,” Guilfoyle said in a 2003 interview with SFGate.

As with any contentious relationship, there are two sides to the story. When Guilfoyle delved deeper into the matter, she discovered discrepancies in Harris’s version of events. According to Guilfoyle, Harris wasn’t involved in the hiring process, and the hiring committee she mentioned didn’t exist. Guilfoyle, who believed in supporting talented women, was perplexed by Harris’s actions. However, Harris maintains that she wasn’t involved in Guilfoyle’s decision not to return to the San Francisco office.

Guilfoyle says Harris is running the show from the White House. Harris denied lying to her. She told SFGate that she only reached out to offer her assistance. The former district attorney said they have a good relationship and respect each other. There was no conflict since the contentious phone call never happened. The former Fox News contributor was already in high society when she opposed Guilfoyle’s return to the San Francisco D.A. ‘s office. She had been dating Gavin Newsom since the mid-1990s. She eventually returned to her old job as an assistant district attorney. In 2001, Guilfoyle became famous for prosecuting a dog mauling case that rocked the state.

Two decades later, the political commentator said Harris was in charge. In 2021, Guilfoyle told Newsmax, “Joe Biden is in over his head.” “Kamala Harris is the de facto commander-in-chief.” She said, “She’s calling the shots here. I know this. I’ve known her a long time.” She also called Harris’s vice presidency a “placeholder.” We can only imagine what Guilfoyle would say if Harris became president. If she does, we’ll hear about it.