Ben Stiller’s 2004 film Dodgeball. A True Underdog Story made us laugh until now. The story of a group of misfits uniting to stop the owner of Globo Gym from taking over Average Joe’s gym has become a comedy classic thanks to its hilarious one-liners and memorable scenes. This film is laugh-out-loud funny because it’s over the top. Some of it was so extreme that it hid the film’s best actor. That’s right, Fran. We’re talking about you.

Actress Missi Pyle, the mastermind behind Fran’s character, brought a unique charm to the role. We were captivated by Pyle’s portrayal of a dodgeball-savvy foreigner, but we were equally drawn to her personal journey. Pyle, who didn’t shy away from transforming her appearance for the role, found liberation in her character’s unconventional beauty. ‘It was a liberating experience to embrace the unconventional,’ she shared (via Red Carpet News TV).

Pyle may have inspired Fran’s look.

Missi Pyle convinced the casting directors she was suitable for the role. Pyle may have devised the idea for Fran’s more memorable features. “I thought, ‘She’s gotta have the unibrow,'” she says. “I drew one for the audition. I put my hair in ponytails—and red lipstick. “I knew this girl would worry about her lipstick, even though she looked hideous” (via Orlando Sentinel).

But Pyle’s talent extends far beyond the unibrow. Her career has flourished with diverse roles in films like Gone Girl, Kiss Me, Captain Fantastic, and Slash. She’s also graced our TV screens, showcasing her versatility in guest roles on Another Period, The Soul Man, and Sing It! (via Albany Daily News). We’re thrilled to see Pyle’s career thriving, a testament to her undeniable talent. Just like Fran, she’s not one to let the spotlight fade.