On Wednesday, Bradley Walsh and his wife, Donna Derby, were spotted in Barbados on a romantic vacation at the Sandy Lane Hotel.

The 61-year-old TV presenter, who has been married to Donna since 1997, was shirtless on the beach before dipping in the sea. 

As he emerged from the water hand-in-hand with the choreographer, he wore blue patterned swim trunks and a gold chain.

Meanwhile, Donna showed off her incredible physique in a bright pink bikini, flaunting her tanned skin from her vacation. 

She loved that Donna – the choreographer of the Miss World show, which her son presents – opted for a fresh look and styled her blonde curls into a bun.

Along with ex Debbie Parker, Bradley has 39-year-old Hailey and a son, actor Barney, who is 23, with his wife Donna.

According to The Sun, this comes after Bradley and Holly Willoughby’s BBC quiz Take Off was cut short.

Last summer’s Take Off show saw viewers compete to win plane tickets for a dream vacation, with a new exotic destination chosen each week.

However, despite the epic prizes at stake and beloved hosts Holly and Bradley, 41, the show failed to win over viewers at a time when many were unable to travel abroad due to Covid restrictions.

The program was filmed before the pandemic and produced by Hungry Bear Media, a company owned by Holly’s husband, Dan Baldwin, but it has now disappeared from viewers’ screens. 

A source told The Sun that Take Off was filmed before the pandemic when traveling was much more accessible.

Now, it has become even more difficult due to the many restrictions. So the series didn’t appeal to viewers who were underground.”

Nevertheless, Holly and Bradley loved working together and had terrific on-screen chemistry.”

Previously, Bradley, best known for hosting fan-favorite ITV quiz show The Chase, admitted: “To be completely honest, I don’t know the rules of the game.

I leave that to Holly – she knows the ins and outs. Holly is brilliant at that.”