Her absence at her husband’s first 2024 debate sent a message. This journey is yours.

She could stay in Trump Tower like Elsa from Frozen. Maybe she’s singing “Let It Go” to Donald when they talk about his campaign.

Melania has been showing for a long time that she doesn’t want to resume her former duties.

Melania Trump doesn’t want to move back to the White House because she was unhappy the first time she had to live there. Barron’s schooling delayed her move in 2017. She might have been afraid. In 2018, People reported that living in D.C. was tough for Melania because she’s private. Her husband was in the news for scandals. “It’s a 24/7 tornado.” “She hates it,” an insider said. Melania disliked some aspects of her job, including chatting with world leaders. She wants to be with Barron Trump. Some say Melania Trump will always be a helicopter parent, even though her son is now an adult. If she has to live far away from the White House to keep an eye on him, then so be it. The Telegraph said Melania doesn’t want Barron involved in politics. Melania could live near Barron’s college to keep him away from the White House. This would let Barron visit his mom whenever he wants and keep him away from politics. The Daily Beast said Barron was considering NYU, which would allow Melania to return to Trump Tower.

In June 2024, a source told Page Six that Melania and Donald Trump had agreed that she would spend weeks in New York with Barron if Donald became president again. She should help her husband campaign more. In February 2024, Donald Trump said on Fox News that Melania Trump would campaign with him often. Melania made her husband look bad when she didn’t campaign with him. Maybe she was trying to hurt his campaign. It’s not good when a candidate can’t get his spouse’s support. 

Despite rumors that their marriage is in trouble, Melania’s campaign absence seems unrelated to their union. She was at the Trump International Golf Club when Donald got two trophies in March 2024. The couple also went to attorney Alina Habba’s birthday party that April. Melania says that it can’t be about politics if Donald wants to spend time with her.

After Donald Trump lost the election, Melania Trump wanted to leave the White House. She moved to Florida in March 2023. People magazine said she was enjoying the weather. But Donald’s hush-money case made things worse. 

Since moving to Florida, Melania has been pampering herself. She goes to the spa, has lunch, goes to the spa again, and has dinner with Donald. She also likes massages and manicures. She sometimes has someone bring her food to eat in the sauna. The New York Times says Melania has her hair styled by her favorite stylist in New York. Melania doesn’t seem like the type to give up her lifestyle for a job that requires scrutiny. 

While Melania Trump was out of the spotlight in 2021, other women in Donald Trump’s orbit seemed to crave it. This included Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Eric Trump’s wife, Lara Trump, who is now the RNC co-chair.

Melania disliked how Ivanka encroached on her territory while living in the White House. The book says that Ivanka acted like the first lady. She redecorated the Oval Office, upsetting Melania. Now, Melania lets other women act as first ladies while she stays on the sidelines. Lara spoke to the media outside the Manhattan courtroom where Donald’s hush-money trial was held. Melania was in New York but didn’t attend the trial to support her husband. She’s over it.