Of course, many of us like to do what we can for our furry friends and are willing to do anything to make them comfortable. 

So one dog owner took caring for his pets to the next level by taking a large dog bed with him to the restaurant. In a video on TikTok posted by @ladyspinedoc on her profile, the woman wrote that her husband cares more about the comfort of his little ones than anyone else and takes a bed with him for his pets. 


I didn’t get a pillow 🥹

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The two lop-eared dogs, eleven-year-old Pancake, and two-year-old Butter, can be seen enjoying a comfortable stay as they lie on the bed in the restaurant.  

The pet owner, a fifty-three-year-old female neurosurgeon from Gainesville, said they visited a new restaurant in town with a dog-friendly patio. Her husband loves his dogs very much, and he does whenever he can take them out. And, of course, he has to make sure they are comfortable when they arrive, so he brings their bed with him. 

The number of dog owners in the United States has increased dramatically in recent decades. As of 2023, sixty-six percent of American households (86.9 million homes) will have a pet.” That’s up from the 1988 pet ownership statistics. From companions to emotional support, pets are vital to owners’ lives. Eighty-five percent of dog owners and 76 percent of cat owners consider their pets family members.” 

“We often take them with us on vacations,” the woman says. “They get lots of tasty treats, can sleep in bed with us, and are often carried in our arms like children, even though they weigh more than 60 pounds.” 

According to Forbes Advisor, Americans will spend $136.8 billion on their pets in 2022, up 10.68 percent from 2021, and dog owners spend an average of $730 a year on their pets. One of the most significant expenses for dog owners is veterinary care, averaging $367 a year. In second place is food, $339 per year, followed by grooming, $99 per year. 

Despite the joy of owning a dog, fifty-four percent of dog owners regret getting a dog. Dog owners cited cleaning up after the dog as the most significant problem associated with owning a dog, followed by finding care when traveling or at work, training the dog, and barking or whining. 

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