In his new book, Haakon: Stories of an Heir to the Throne, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway finally opens up about his wife’s incurable illness, which she has been fighting for months. He states that the disease cannot be seen in photos. Prince Haakon of Norway speaks openly about his journey, including his love story with his wife, Princess Mette-Marit, in his autobiography ‘Stories of an Heir to the Throne,’ which will be published throughout Norway on November 2. He also discusses a severe illness affecting his wife called pulmonary fibrosis in a chapter titled ‘About the Fifties.’

Despite appearing healthy in photos, the 50-year-old former commoner is closely monitored by a team of doctors due to her limited abilities caused by her incurable disease. She quickly becomes tired after physical exertion and experiences shortness of breath when climbing a small hill. Haakon from Norway clarified that while her condition should not worsen dramatically, there is no cure or possibility of improvement. Princess Mette-Marit is undergoing treatment to slow the progression of pulmonary fibrosis, but she knows that she will not be cured. The Crown Prince wrote in his pages that life is different now because you never know when those days will come. 

He cites a few canceled events due to his wife’s fatigue, including celebrating 50 years of the reign of the King of Sweden, Carl Gustaf, last September. Although she has many good days, the uncertainty is still there. The couple faces illness and difficulties together, a part of life.