To see a snake in your dream is a scary thing, but waking up to the jungle predator of nightmares slithering into your bedroom is terrifying. When a giant snake made its way into the bedroom of an elderly woman Kaew Sudsopha and attacked her leg, she couldn’t believe it.

Kaew thought she was just having a nightmare. But the pain was real – and so was the snake. As a flashlight pointed at the floor helped her notice the movement of a slithering intruder, the woman still could not believe her eyes. So, she went to wake up her son, who was sleeping in the next room – and the surveillance camera he had installed in her bedroom provided the details of what happened.

The video shows Kaew fast asleep as the snake makes its way inside, watches her for a while, then crawls closer and closer to bite her leg that is dropped off the bed. The woman’s son called animal control, and when the rescuers arrived, they captured the giant snake that was curled up on the toilet seat. The nightmare visitor will be released into the wild.