A giant snake crawled into the bedroom of 75-year-old Kaew Sudsopha and bit her. Thinking she was just having a nightmare, an elderly Bangkok woman went into the next room and woke her son up.

However, it was real. The surveillance camera, which was installed by the caring son of the woman, you can see the details of what happened.

The video shows the woman sleeping peacefully with her leg dangling from the bed. At this time, a large snake crawls into her bedroom, which watches the pensioner for some time, and then decides to bite her. Perhaps because she moved her leg in her sleep, or perhaps the python just went hunting.

According to the pensioner, she illuminated the floor with a flashlight and noticed something moving there, but did not believe her eyes. The woman’s son drove the python away and called rescuers.

Rescuers who arrived on call found the python on the toilet, where he was curled up and resting. The snake was captured and taken to a detention center where snakes are taken before they are released into the wild.