The family of former US President Barack Obama shared the tragic news of the passing of their dog, Bo, on their social accounts, with heartfelt and sentimental tributes to their beloved “First Dog”.

Thousands responded with condolences when the family dog Bo passed away after battling cancer.

Obama wrote that their friend and loyal companion was a comforting presence on their ‘good days, bad days, and every day in between.’

Bo, a Portuguese Water Dog, was nicknamed the First Dog of the United States, which is an analogy to the title held by the president’s spouse. However, he is certainly not the first dog to have lived in the White House, as presidential pets have been allowed there since George Washington’s presidency. The exact number of pets who have lived on White House grounds is unknown, but the only presidential leaders who didn’t have any pets are: James K. Polk, Andrew Johnson, and Donald Trump. The Obama family had 2 Portuguese water dogs named Bo and Sunny. The presidential pets were the country’s favorites and received fan mail from children across the U.S. The Obama family will always be grateful for the time they got to spend together with their beloved “First Dog.”