Mason was saddened by losing his wife and son in a car accident three years ago. They were driving through the mountains when their car lost control and fell into a raging river. The police could not find the victims’ bodies, and Mason was left grieving and without any closure to this tragedy. He could not escape the disaster and was overwhelmed with guilt and regret. Mason’s grief at the loss of his family could not be comforted in any way. 

But then the unbelievable happened. Suddenly he saw them walking in a park hundreds of miles away from their town. The man could not believe his eyes. He was filled with hope and joy. He ran toward them, shouting their names. But as he got closer, he realized it wasn’t them. It was just a woman and a child who looked like his family. A sadness swept over him. He was sure it was them. As he stepped back, the woman turned as if sensing his presence. He saw the shocked look on her face and knew he had found them. 

Mason ran up to them and hugged them tightly. But his wife’s tears began to drip as he held them close. “I have something to tell you …..” 

The man lost his wife and son three years ago in a fatal car accident. He survived the accident and woke up weeks later from a coma. That’s when he learned of the deaths of his son and wife. The accident occurred on a mountain road where the family was traveling to visit Mason’s parents. The fog was thick then, and the streets were slippery because of the previous day’s rain. Mason was driving the car and lost control of the winding road. The vehicle went off the road and crashed into a tree. Mason was thrown from the vehicle and lost consciousness. His wife and son were trapped in the car and died from the impact of the collision. Mason was hospitalized and put in a coma for several weeks. When he woke up, he was told the tragic news.  

It took him a while to learn to walk again. He was being treated for physical injuries, but even more important was his mental health. He was prescribed medication to help with depression and anxiety.  

He walked the same route every day, but it was on this particular day that something genuinely unique awaited him. Mason had been in therapy for months and found that keeping a daily routine was incredibly beneficial to his mental health. Having a daily habit also helped him stay on track with his goals and stay motivated.

He walked through the park, enjoying the chirping of birds and the smell of newly cut grass. It was a beautiful day; he reached the fountain. As a daily routine, he washed his hands in the water flowing from the fountain. 

Then he sees a woman and a little boy walking quite far away. Something about their appearance seemed familiar to him. He remembers his wife and son, and the pain of losing them in a car accident overwhelms his mind. He takes a deep breath and looks into the distance, trying to shake off the feeling of sadness.  

Out of curiosity, Mason decides to get closer. He needs to catch up with them, as walking still requires effort.  

The next day he returns to the park at the same time with the certainty of meeting them, but they are nowhere to be seen. Mason’s heart sinks as he realizes he may never see them again.  

One week later, Mason retakes his daily walk and sees them again! He notices the woman smiling and the little boy laughing and can’t help but smile. He can’t believe how much they look like his wife and son. He takes a few steps closer and notices the woman’s eyes, the same color as his wife’s, and the little boy’s hair, the same color as his son’s. He can’t believe it. He is told that his wife and son died in a car accident, and he didn’t know about it until he came out of his coma. What was going on?

He wonders if it could be true if this woman and the little boy could be his wife and son.  

Back at the asylum, Mason shares his thoughts with the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist reassures him: he tells him these are probably just phases of his memories, which will pass soon. This does not convince Mason, but he wants to avoid arguing. He knows that his doctor has seen many cases like this before. The doctor then prescribes a new medication and tells him to return in a week.  

Although Mason genuinely trusts his psychiatrist, this explanation is difficult to accept. He is convinced of what he has seen and cannot shake the feeling that he saw his dead wife and son in the park.  

Afterward, the man decides to take a walk and clear his head. The fresh air may help him come up with a plan. He had to approach this operation very carefully and thoughtfully. 

The next day he returned to the park with a new idea. 

Mason takes a seat on a park bench. He had long longed and grieved for his family, and now he was finally close to finding them.

Mason waits patiently and finally sees them, but Mason hesitates to get any closer. He’s still determining if it’s his wife and son. He takes a few more steps and is finally close enough to see them clearly. He can’t help but smile, despite his excitement. 

Mason is shocked; he can’t believe his wife and son could be alive. He has been visiting their graves for years, and now he is faced with the possibility that they are not there. All he knows is that he was told that his family had died in an accident. So who were the woman and little boy in front of him? Could they have survived?  

He was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and was willing to do whatever it took to get his family back. 

Mason was so consumed with thoughts of his wife and son that he couldn’t concentrate on his treatment. He couldn’t focus on the therapy sessions and make any progress. He knew therapy sessions were essential to his recovery but couldn’t stop thinking about his family. Mason spent more and more time alone in his room, increasingly alienated from the people in the facility. The staff tried to convince him to attend therapy sessions, but he was too busy thinking about how to know his family was alive.

Mason decides to visit his psychiatrist and demands less medication. He is convinced that he made up his wife and son and blamed it on the drug. The psychiatrist agrees to a trial period with less medication if Mason keeps him informed. After a few days of taking less medication, he feels a difference. He can think more clearly, and his emotions are under control. He is beginning to take up hobbies and reconnect with old friends. He is starting to feel more in control of his life and emotions, and he even feels like things are finally returning to normal. 

One day, Mason walked down the path to the fountain during his usual walk. He felt so alive. When Mason reached the fountain, he washed his hands. 

But when he looked up, he saw the woman and the boy again! He didn’t realize what he was seeing, and he washed his face with water to believe his eyes and saw them again! He was so overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t even speak.  

This time Mason walks toward them, but they seem to be going in the opposite direction, and he has to follow them. He is full of determination. 

He fails to catch up with them, so he starts yelling at them.

He shouts: “Susie!”, “Susie!” his voice grew louder and more desperate with each call. He begs her to turn around, look at him, and recognize him. He begs her to come back to him, to come home. He calls out to her: “Please, Susie, I need you!” his voice breaks with excitement. He keeps calling for her, his voice growing more desperate, 

The woman turns around, her eyes widening in surprise. She looks at him momentarily, then takes the little boy by the hand and hurries away. He continues to call out to them, and the woman and the boy turn and look at him.  

They look like his wife and son, but now Mason sees they are not. He feels confused, not knowing what to do, and wipes his eyes. Even right before them, he still can’t shake the feeling of uncertainty, and he decides to leave… 

But the woman speaks to Mason. She is friendly. The woman asks him what is going on and if he needs help, and Mason doesn’t know what to answer.

He knows he has to say something, but he can’t find the words and walks away.  

After walking a few yards, Mason stops. He sees that a woman and a little boy are about to leave. He takes a deep breath and calls out to them. He apologizes for interrupting them and introduces himself. He explains why he is here and asks if he can talk to them briefly. The woman looks at him in surprise but agrees. The question that followed shocked the woman. 

“Were you in an accident three years ago?’ Naturally, the woman does not answer at first and only looks at him. Then Mason repeats his question, this time more slowly and with more feeling. Finally, the woman speaks. 

A tear rolls down the woman’s cheek.  

 Yes…” she answers! Mason does not believe what he hears. He looks at the woman again, trying to find signs of deception on her face. He begins to think he is being played with. 

He tells the woman, “I don’t know who you are, but we must talk. Do you agree?” At first, the woman didn’t answer. He takes a deep breath and brings the courage to ask the woman if they know each other.  

Mason gently takes her wrist and repeats his question. He realizes how embarrassing this situation can be for the woman as well. Finally, the woman agrees. They agreed to meet the next day, and Mason is relieved that the woman has decided to meet with him. Unfortunately, a terrible obstacle arises. 

Mason shows up at the appointment and asks permission to leave.

The doctors tell Mason that he can no longer go to the park. He can still walk, but the park is off-limits for now. Mason was upset. He needs help understanding why this is necessary. He spends the rest of the day in a daze, unable to focus on anything else. He can’t shake the feeling that he’s been robbed of his chance to find peace. That night he goes to bed feeling more defeated than ever. The following day he wakes up with a new sense of determination. He knows he will find a way to meet the woman again, no matter what it costs him. Man of this, he decides to take a walk in the neighborhood. He decided that fresh air and a change of scenery would help clear his head.

Once outside, he turned right (where he usually turned left to go to the park) and just started walking.  

Suddenly he saw a picture of the park in a store window. Then Mason remembered again the unjust order to stay out of the park and decided to carry out the business he had begun.  

Mason arrived at the park, passed the fountain, and was now only a short walk from where he was to meet the woman and her son; he looked into the distance and saw a woman and a little boy sitting on it! Could it be them? He was excited as he approached the bench, hoping it was them. 

There they were: a woman who looked like his wife. And a boy on her lap who looked like his son! It was the same woman and the same boy!

Ask them if anything needs to be corrected. Then the mother replies: “We were worried. You came in so late. Are you all right, dear Mason?” The woman’s kind words and concern for Mason’s well-being were evident. She asked if he was all right and offered to make him something to eat. She also offered to give him a hot shower to relax and offered to lend him her son’s clothes. She even offered to drive him home if he needed it. Mason was touched by her kindness and thanked her for her hospitality. He was pleased that she wasn’t mad at him for being late. 

 Then they finally reveal who they are. 

That Mason, the woman, and her son ran into each other was nothing more than coincidence or fate. Mason’s friendship with the woman and her son made him feel needed. He could talk to them about his difficulties, and they listened to him and gave him a shoulder to lean on. Finally, the woman and her son were able to provide Mason with a sense of camaraderie and friendship that he had long lacked. Shortly after that, Mason left the institution after only a few weeks. 

*This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. The characters and events are figments of the author’s imagination, and the images shown are for illustrative purposes only.