Meghan Markle chose to skip the prestigious awards ceremony where she was honored for her podcast Archetypes. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have sparked global discussions over allegations that they were involved in a “near-disastrous” car chase.  

The 41-year-old Duchess, who brimmed to New York last week to accept the Women of Vision award in person, chose not to appear at the ceremony, even though she released a statement expressing her gratitude at being selected as the winner of this year’s Best Entertainment Podcast Host category.  

“This is a shared success for me and my team, most of whom are women, and the guests who joined me each week,” Megan wrote.  

It needs to be clarified why Meghan did not attend the Gracie Awards. Still, the event took place exactly one week after she and Prince Harry flew to New York for a similar gala, where the Duchess personally received the Women of Vision award.  

But after the event ended, the evening took a different turn – when Harry and Meghan said they were involved in what their spokesperson called an “almost disastrous” car chase with paparazzi.  

An official statement on behalf of the couple claimed that the Sussexes and Meghan’s mother were victims of a “horrific chase that lasted more than two hours.” 

Being a public figure means generating public interest, but it should never come at the cost of someone’s life and safety. 

However, the couple’s statements were questioned. 

This has only strengthened their resolve to continue to stand up for themselves and speak their minds when they feel they have been wronged,” the publication publishes. 

The deputy commissioner of public information for New York City said the NYPD assisted private security for the couple, saying that the behavior of numerous photographers was defiant. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams expressed sympathy and called the paparazzi’s actions reckless and irresponsible.