Brittany Mahomes, an outspoken NFL WAG, has been the subject of many rumors. While her boldness is admirable in certain situations, it has its downsides. Fans expect her to respond to every rumor about her and her family.

Recently, there have been pregnancy rumors circulating about Brittany Mahomes.

In August 2023, Brittany Mahomes responded to a fan’s question on her Instagram Story about whether she and Patrick Mahomes were expecting another child. She clarified that she was not pregnant and expressed confusion about where the rumor started. The speculation may have been fueled by one of Brittany’s wardrobe choices, as she wore a pink hat in photos posted on Instagram the previous July that read, ‘Hello, I’m late.’ Some of Brittany’s followers assumed that her lateness referred to her period, not her punctuality. 

During the Q&A, Brittany answered another pregnancy question, stating that part of her wants more kids, while another part is unsure.  

In February 2022, former NFL player Rich Ohrnberger shared some gossip

about the Mahomes, but there is no evidence to support the rumor that Brittany Mahomes got banned from games. 

The allegation that Brittany would have been humiliated by a ban was one that her haters wanted to believe. However, Patrick seemed to repudiate the rumor when he tweeted, ‘Y’all just be making stuff up these days,’ followed by three crying laughing emojis. 

In the age of social media, celebrities who mistreat service industry members should be cautious. A single viral TikTok video or Reddit post about a star’s rude behavior can tarnish a reputation. Celebrities accused of being difficult to cater to are often criticized for tipping poorly. 

O’Connor, a former hotel employee, once served Mahomes and her entourage in Los Angeles while they were shopping for the WAG’s wedding gown. The group spent around $130, but none left a tip. 

If O’Connor’s claims are valid, Mahomes, who once worked at Texas Roadhouse, could learn about tipping etiquette from Taylor Swift. In December 2023, Swift tipped the food runners at a Kansas City Chiefs game with $100 bills and was celebrated as ‘a solid human being’ instead of trash on TikTok.

The rumor mill shifted to a different narrative about a rift between Taylor Swift and Kelce.

 Life & Style reported that Swift and Kelce were supposedly fighting. According to a source, Brittany told Taylor to let Travis lick his wounds, but it wasn’t easy.

The red undies rumor.

During a 2023 appearance on “The Adam Schefter Podcast,Patrick Mahomes’ former teammate Chad Henne revealed that Mahomes wears the same pair of red underwear on game day. 

Mahomes started wearing the underwear because his wife, Brittany Mahomes, bought them for him. 

In her 2018 appearance on the ‘Shootin’ It with Soph’ podcast, Brittany revealed that the underwear is from Lululemon.  Brand marketing managers will celebrate with champagne when they receive this free positive publicity.