A renowned neuroscientist has revealed three critical things she avoids at all costs to protect her brain from negative influences: avoiding using a smartphone first thing in the morning to eating highly processed foods.  

Emily McDonald of Arizona is known as @emonthebrain on TikTok, with over fifty thousand followers. She went viral this week after talking about her science-based approach to maintaining a healthy brain.  

The neuroscience consultant and mindfulness coach began her video by recounting why she never takes out her smartphone when she wakes up, a seemingly harmless habit related to stress. 

When you wake up, your brain waves go from theta to alpha range. This means that your subconscious mind is more programmable,” she told her viewers. The information you consume at that time will have a more significant impact on your consciousness.” 

MacDonald noted that morning smartphone use also messes with our dopamine and causes us to keep checking our cell phones for pleasure throughout the day. 

According to an IDC study, eighty percent of smartphone users check their phones within fifteen minutes of waking up. 

The expert explained in her video clip that this causes your brain waves to skip significant theta and alpha stages and go into a beta state, which makes you more stressed and distracted throughout the day. 

Instead of reaching for her smartphone, she uses this time in the morning to listen to or say affirmations and set her intentions for the day.  

The girl says the second thing she tries to avoid is negative self-criticism.  

It was found that listening to her inner critic leads to stress, anxiety, and lower self-confidence. Studies also show that self-criticism affects the ability to achieve goals.  

What you say to yourself makes a big difference, and the more you put it into your brain, the more it takes hold, and what takes hold shows up later,” she explained.  

McDonald concluded her video by saying she also avoids eating highly processed foods because they negatively affect the brain. 

Studies show that overeating over-processed food dramatically increases the risk of early death, dementia, and heart disease. Experts say a good rule of thumb is to eat foods that contain no more than five ingredients.  

There’s a lot of scientific research now proving that what you eat affects your brain,” she told her audience. Highly processed foods cause your brain to age, and we don’t want that. 

The McDonald’s video has been viewed more than 1.1 million times in less than twenty-four hours.  

Thousands of people have also commented on the video, and many have admitted to being guilty.  

“I watch this in the morning, talking negatively about myself, eating Snickers,” one person responded.  

About to go to sleep, and I’m glad I saw it. No phone in the morning” swore another.  

“The first moves of the day set the mood for the whole day.” – another user added.