Prince William has been in the headlines more and more, which is not surprising, given recent events relating to Rose Hanbury and their alleged love affair. A reliable source very close to the royal family has revealed that the Prince of Wales wants Rose Hanbury to become a member of the royal family. It has also come to light that King Charles III has already granted this alleged wish and has hired Rose Hanbury’s husband as his new private secretary.

Royal family experts believe this is a clear, carefully thought-out master plan of Buckingham Palace to remove all suspicion of Prince William’s infidelity permanently. To have Rose Hanbury accepted into the royal family proves to everyone that nothing happened between her and Prince William. This dispels all the rumors around the Prince and his family.

In the meantime, Kate Middleton continues to gain popularity and is now on her way to becoming the most famous member of the British royal family worldwide. In addition, she continues to perform her duties as Princess of Wales with great success.

Despite the rumors circulating that are damaging his image globally, the heir to the British throne is very focused on fixing his reputation and his goal of becoming the next king of the United Kingdom.