Meghan Markle has been in the public spotlight since she began her relationship with Prince Harry. Still, it became even more discussed after Meghan and Harry’s family left England and the royal family. 

It all started in 2016 when they were introduced by a mutual friend of the young people, who decided that Harry and Meghan got along very well and could even have a severely excellent relationship.  

Not long after they met, Meghan and Harry’s relationship became official. Meghan immediately found herself in the spotlight as she was lucky enough to have a relationship with the most desirable bachelor in the world at the time.  

But despite her marriage to the prince, Meghan had long been known as a Hollywood actress. After a while, the whole world was interested in finding out about the relationship between the couple.  

Harry and Meghan legalized their relationship reasonably quickly, which intrigued the public. The wedding took place in May 2018, and in October, the couple had already announced that they would enlarge their family since Meghan was already pregnant. 

Joining the British royal family would have been very difficult for Meghan because she would have had a completely different lifestyle with many restrictions before that, and she also faced people who did not accept her as a member of the royal family because she was a black actress from America.  

Meghan was heavily criticized in the press, and Kensington Palace was forced to release a statement asking the media to take a step back from their scathing reporting and attacks on Meghan. Tired of all this harassment, the couple announced that they were leaving England and the royal family and decided to live apart from all this harassment.  

The couple stated they want to give their son a quieter life and become financially independent of the royal family but will continue supporting Her Majesty the Queen fully.  

This news shocked many; some felt that Meghan had forced Harry to leave the family.  

After they decided to leave the royal family, the couple’s family life became much more peaceful. Meghan also revealed that until recently, she kept a diary, which she began keeping when she started her relationship with Prince Harry.  

Undoubtedly, this book will become a bestseller if she publishes it, but the royal family will not be thrilled about it.  

Meghan has made some bad decisions during her time in the royal family. She has been known to announce that they were having a baby during Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding celebration with the rest of the royal family, and that was not very comfortable for Harry.  

It was Meghan’s own decision when to announce her status, but she did it at the wrong time. Prince Harry was embarrassed by Meghan’s actions.  

However, this does not excuse that Meghan was a “target” for everyone, even those who had never met her.