It’s tough to deal with bugs invading our homes without permission in England.

But in Australia, they have to deal with much more severe opposition – angry kangaroos are always up for a fight.

However, we must remember that luck favors the brave, and one man who fought off a kangaroo to save his dog wanted to come back for round two. We suggest you listen to what happened:

While walking along the River Murray, Mick Moloney noticed one of his dogs was missing.

Looking closer at the water, the former police officer saw a giant kangaroo in Mildura, Victoria, holding his dog.

Reaching the water, Mick pulled out his phone and recorded what was happening.

After exchanging punches and shouts of “let go of my dog,” Mick told LADbible precisely what happened.

The resident bravely rescued his dog from the clutches of a menacing-looking kangaroo. 

” When I turned around, I saw the kangaroo just standing there looking at me with a deadly stare,” Mick told LADbible, explaining that he felt like going backward.

“One part of me was saying: ‘I’ll go back,’ and the other was like, ‘I’ll go back and I’ll be sick of you.’

” All I wanted was my dog back. I got my dog back.

” We’ll just end the loss, we’ll call it a draw, and I’ll go home.

“‘I gave radio stations an interview, and a wildlife expert from Melbourne saw the footage.

“He said that when I looked at it, I didn’t give it any credit.”

” But everyone who commented said it was about 7 feet or 6 or 7 feet, and I said I was only 5 feet 11 inches tall.”

Then Mick became a real Wealdstone raider.

” He looked like he weighed about 80 pounds, and I weighed about 95.

” But it was like he had no fat on him. Only when I grabbed him. It was like I caught a tree.

” See, I had nothing, and he had, like, you probably can’t see, well, I lost a little bit of bog from my arms, from my shins, but I was wearing a long-sleeved top, and I had a lot of scratches on my arms, and I just had a dead arm where I think he just hit me on the arm.

” But other than that, I was uninjured.”

Anyway, the story’s moral is this: don’t mess with kangaroos unless you’re Mick Moloney.