Once most people get their first pet, they become animal parents who are always willing to go to any lengths for their pet.  

TikTok user @smudgeandfriends recently posted a video of the treatment of their pampered cat. In the video, a differentially aged cat named Smudge wanted to go for her daily walk when it was raining, so she was accompanied by her “personal butler” on the walk.  

The owner of this feline queen had to hold an umbrella over his favorite cat to keep her from getting wet while walking in the rain, but the owner was less lucky, as he was all wet, but what can’t you do for the sake of your favorite cat?  

Smudge’s daily walks are fun and very important for her health. This kitty is now eighteen years old, and as you can guess from the video, she has gained much weight. To keep her joints and muscles strong even in her old age, Smudge needs to get exercise and keep the weight off. By Smudge’s age, cats usually experience loss of muscle mass and stiff joints, but this can be combated with daily exercise. This cat wants to stay young! 

If Smudge could talk, we imagine she would remind her parents that she was worshiped as a god in ancient Egypt, so there’s nothing special about this treatment. Smudge certainly deserves to be pampered like a queen!