A tourist taking selfies against the backdrop of dunes in the desert accidentally captured an unidentified flying object on camera. Ramiro Navarro, who had come to see the Bilbao Dunes in Coahuila, Mexico, took the photo but noticed the mysterious thing in the image weeks later. 

Publishing the photo, Navarro jokingly remarked, “They saw me and didn’t take me with them,” prompting speculation about the unidentified flying object seen on the horizon. 

Locals joined in the comments on social media, with one writing, “Of course, it’s an unidentified flying object!”. Reports of other sightings in neighboring areas also surfaced, further adding to the intrigue surrounding the photo or what was in the image instead. 

In April, an unusual goblin-like fetus was discovered in an abandoned warehouse in Santa Maria Regla, northeast of Mexico City. The fetal remains, believed to belong to a “goblin or nagual,” a shape-shifting figure in Mesoamerican mythology, are currently on display at the Goblin Museum in Huasca de Ocampo. 

The small-sized creature with disfigured facial features, including a pronounced nose, claws, and tail, has generated genuine interest in a region known for its legends associated with goblins, naguals, and other mythical creatures. The mayor of Huasca de Ocampo noted the cultural and social significance of the find due to locals’ fascination with mystical folklore. 

The observation of an unidentified flying object and the discovery of a goblin-like fetus has sparked great curiosity and talk of supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena, further adding to the mysterious appeal of the area.