This photo leaves people needing clarification. An accurate picture of a bat that looks the size of a human has surfaced on the internet. 

It has been a few years since the published photo left people worldwide puzzled and shocked.  

The photo was originally published on the social networking site Twitter. 

A Filipino user on his Twitter account @AlexJoestar622 posted the bat photo and captioned his post: “Remember when I told you about how there are human-sized bats in the Philippines? Yes, you are seeing exactly what I was talking about.” 

The shocking photo showed a considerable bat hanging upside down on a roof beam and sleeping with one wing covering its chattel body. 

“You can imagine this bat waking up and flying right at you. I would leave the country,” one shocked viewer commented under the photo.  

The human-sized bat causes both Horror and delight among social media users.  

One of the users also noticed that the bats have a huge wingspan, but the body is not that big. These bats are not as giant as they may seem at first glance; their bodies are roughly similar to that of a medium ( maybe a little less than medium) sized dog. 

And yes, they only eat fruit, especially guava. Also, these cute creatures are very affectionate.  

Many users noticed this bat is so giant that they would be scared to leave the house after such an encounter. 

So what is really behind the viral photo of the bat that has so disturbed all users? 

The photo? 

The photo certainly looks real AND is not edited at all. However, the so-called forced perspective makes the bat look bigger than it is 

Although these magnificent animals can grow over a foot tall and have a wingspan of up to six feet, they cannot extend to the size of an adult human. 

Nevertheless, their impressive size and wingspan are rightfully admired around the world. 

Have you ever seen a bat of this size? 

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