A man from Canada has suddenly become famous after a story about his extensive and kind heart was publicized. 

The man was reportedly fired for doing such a kind and heartfelt act. The man showed compassion and concern and saved a tiny baby moose cub from a terrifying bear attack. Bursting into tears, the man recounts the incident that happened to him. 

How it all happened, and how tragic the incident would have been. He never imagined that he would be in a situation where he would be punished for doing something kind and cheerful. 

But it happened, whether he liked it or not. 

Seeing a baby moose in agony was just awful to him. He wanted to do everything he could to save the cub and give it the love and care it deserved,” he continued. 

Mark Skage, who reportedly works for an oil company, described how he was driving to work when he came across a baby moose attacked by a black bear. 

His heart was too kind to let anyone die or be injured like that. And that went for animals too. So the man stopped halfway and did a great deed; he rescued a tiny baby moose cub and let it stay in his car. He hoped no one would find out about it. 

Now the biggest problem is that the vehicle that the man drove on that ill-fated day was not a personal vehicle. It was a company truck. Therefore, nothing could have gone unnoticed, and if he had lied, he would have had to deal with terrible consequences. 

But eventually, the superiors at his workplace found out what had happened and deemed the act unforgivable, disregarding the fact that the man had done a heroic act. After all, it was against the law, and the man knew it well. 

He is now out of work and very upset about it, but he believes his good deed will surely be remembered someday.