You may have encountered some strange and exciting endeavors, but nothing compares to this wedding occasion. 

You can imagine a llama appearing among other guests to welcome you to the wedding. 

The guests present at the wedding were thrilled to see a unique and unexpected wedding guest who appeared quite unexpectedly in front of everyone. But after a while, they soon realized that it was not a guest at all but none other than a friend of the groom. 

How do you like this shocking behavior? 

But there was no mistaking that it was some other lama. He was well dressed and was a close friend of the groom himself. And yes, he was 

This jolly fellow almost stole all the show’s attention when all eyes were on him instead of the beautiful bride. 

The llama was hired by the bride’s mother, who decided that this n would be the perfect surprise for everyone in attendance. 

She ensured the bridal party would have charm and excitement and that all the guests would get their share of entertainment because the llama would be by their side.  

The llama was well-behaved throughout the event. He was wearing a stylish tuxedo, which was the perfect size because it fit him well. 

Some guests were initially afraid to get close to him. 

But they didn’t miss any chance to be near him when they discovered he was very kind and friendly. 

It wasn’t long before the viral images went viral on the internet. People were utterly shocked at what was happening in the world. 

While others said that they were wedding targets as some of the pictures turned out so unique and gorgeous and looked staged. What do you think?