A high school has chosen a boy to be prom king for the first time. 

A Missouri high school student made history during the high school prom season by becoming the first male student to be crowned prom king during a school event held at a school facility. 

“It was almost like a dream come true,” said winning student Zachary Willmore. The boy also noted that it was just a big deal to him. The video of Willmore’s celebratory moment won the hearts of all social media users after it was posted on social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube. In the celebration video, people nearby can be heard cheering as the teenager’s name is announced, and he adorns a graduation ribbon on the field in front of the crowded bleachers. 

Willmore, a cheerleader for the Rock Bridge varsity team, wore a beautiful gold dress to the event and was shocked for a moment when his friend placed a crown on his head. In a video posted on TikTok before the announcement, he admitted that he was scared to be in front of everyone there, even though they had a lot of fun. Talking about his memorable reunion experience, Willmore revealed that he set up a poll on social media to determine who would be king or queen. 

“They decided that the queen would look prettier around the waist,” Willmore explained. “So I chose the queen.” CPS spokesperson Michelle Baumstark, speaking to reporters, praised the teen. “Zachary Willmore is a great student,” Baumstark said. “He learns in school, is active in activities, including cheerleading, and is not afraid to ask questions and identify issues he sees around him.” The kid gained over a million followers on TikTok after posting videos of outfits he wore to school that got him for dress code violations. “Teachers were allowed to decide what was appropriate,” he said, frustrated.   

Willmore revealed that he is hated by many people on the Internet for his clothing choices. “People on the Internet hate me,” the kid said. “After he won this contest, his TikTok social media account received a message, and he was blocked for a few days. However, despite the negativity he faces on the app, Willmore decided to use the platform to make a difference in the real world by calling for a change in the dress code at Rock Bridge High School. Throughout his time at Rock Bridge High School, Willmore has encountered a dress code issue and is now working with the school to develop a more current dress code for schools and students, Baumstark explained. 

According to Willmore, he is part of a group of students taking proactive steps to fix some dress code rules to reflect modernity better. The guy was tasked with developing a new dress code,” he said. Willmore had to make a draft that was sent to the student council and then to the principal for approval. Currently, the dress code in the Rock Bridge High School handbook states, “The RBHS dress code is now being revised for the 2021-2022 school year to be more inclusive for all students. Dress and grooming are considered a matter of individual taste. The primary responsibility for dressing for school rests with students and parents. RBHS administration reserves the right to restrict the wearing of clothing that is disruptive, distracting, unsafe, or inappropriate for the school environment. 

A group of students has been assembled to work with the administration to revise the school’s dress code, Baumstark says. The work is still in the beginning stages, but Rock Bridge hopes to have the dress code modified by the end of the school year and before Zachary graduates.

Reflecting on the memories of winning homecoming queen, Willmore said: “My grandparents were there that day, and I hadn’t formally introduced myself to them yet. I was nervous about it. I saw them in the crowd, and they were crying, which made me happy when they called my name. It made the win that much more satisfying. It showed that people cared about me. It was the final step to say, “People like me. I feel happy.”