People fall in love with Chico the parrot and his soulful rendition of Beyonce’s songs at first sight. 

The nine-year-old yellow-billed Amazon parrot lives at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in the Midlands, and he’s been winning hearts both in the park and on internet social media with his impressive rendition of the pop queen’s 2008 hit ‘If I Were a Boy.’ 

You Listen to Him! 

As a park spokesperson told the Boston Standard newspaper, Chico has lived at the wildlife park for just over eighteen months and gets along well with his bird friends and humans. 

This beautiful member of the feathered species is only nine years old, which means he has many years of fun ahead of him and, who knows, maybe by then Simon Cowell will have launched the X Factor for animals!” – said a spokesperson for the park. 

Chico, the parrot, is a unique bird. His former owner Julie Gregory claims he can also sing songs like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” and Katy Perry’s “Firework.” 

Videos of his cover of Beyoncé’s songs have gained immense popularity at home and abroad, and there’s no way his multi-million dollar fans can get enough of his renditions. 

“I’m just in love with him, saw him yesterday, and immediately he won me over,” one of his fans wrote on her Facebook page. “He told me he was a good boy, and then he started singing; I stood in amazement.” 

“Chico is saving 2020. It’s official,” one commenter posted on his Instagram.