The video posted on social media instantly took over the internet. It racked up more than 229,000 views and over 7,200 likes. 

Not many predators are feared and hated as much as snakes. However, their unique and extraordinary abilities often make them simply fascinating creatures. Thus, a video showing the reptile’s funny antics made social media users laugh out loud.  

The short video, posted on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) employee Parveen Kaswan, shows the snake grabbing a rubber slipper and crawling away with it, holding its head high. “I wonder what this snake will do with this slipper. It has no legs. Unknown place,” Mr. Kaswan wrote in the caption to his oblation. 

The video shows how, after a group of people noticed the snake approaching their house, one threw his pink rubber slipper at it. The reptile instantly grabbed the shoe in its jaws and hurried away with its head held up.  

In the comments, some users speculated about the snake’s actions, while others reacted funny.  

Maybe she senses that this is her prey!” – one user wrote. “Cinderella – The Serpentine Edition,” said another.  

A third user wrote: “This is amazing… maybe the snake thinks it’s prey.”  

The location where the video was filmed has yet to be discovered.