This ooze video has caught the attention of animal lovers. The video has garnered over one million views and hundreds of comments. 

There are a large number of videos on social media that perfectly capture the cute antics of animals. This time a video of a dog playing ball with a seal on the beach has caught the attention of social media users, and it will surely save you from a week of depression. The video, posted on Twitter by Twitter user Buitengebieden, shows a man playing ball on the beach with his pet dog. But then, an impatient seal suddenly appears and joins the game.   

In the video, the man throws the ball into the sea, and after a few seconds, the seal and the dog swim to catch the ball. The dog wins the ball game by running in first and bringing the ball back.   

The caption reads, “Playing ball with dogs.”  

So far, the video has racked up one million views, received 3,437 retweets, and several hundred comments. This cute video has caused excitement on the internet. Users left funny comments in the comments section of the post. One user wrote, “Land dog vs sea dog.” Another user wrote, “Animals bring such joy to life.” A third comment read, “This wins the ‘tweet of the day category. I had a dog like this. No matter the weather conditions, he wanted to be in the water. Sometimes I had to brush ice chunks off him.”   

Dave Nelson submitted the video.   

Dog videos are often shared on social media. Dogs are great companions and a constant source of fun and amusement.