The cute video, posted by a Twitter user, shows a baby monkey nestled comfortably on the back of a spotted deer as it walks around the plants. 

The unusual but funny case of an unlikely animal friendship captured in a video showing a monkey perched on the back of a deer at the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Madras has won the hearts of social media users. 

“Meanwhile, monkeys at IIT Madras,” the user tweeted. 

A deer can be seen bending over and eating grass, slowly moving around the yard with a monkey firmly on its back. The primate doesn’t seem concerned about holding on to the deer as his “ride” goes up and down elevated platforms.  

Users of the tweet, which racked up more than 54,000 views in just fourteen hours, reacted to the unusual but amusing camaraderie between two different species of animals. 

One user called the unusual ride an “Uber for animals.” 

Another user commented on the monkey’s ability to ride an animal like a human. 

Another Twitter user explained that the primate lives at home and its unique ability to ride a deer is “IIT ka bandar hai, smart hi hoga (Monkey in IIT campus, it must be smart).” 

The IIT Madras campus has been carved out of the Guindy National Park in Chennai, and most of it is a protected forest. Therefore, the campus is home to a large number of animals, including spotted deer as well as macaques, and monkeys.