This adorable panda video is winning the hearts of people. Many of them can relate to it.  

Do you dream of eating during your sleep and waking hours? Welcome to the club of foodies. We constantly marvel at delicious food, but preparing our favorite meals can seem daunting, especially right after waking up. Now, if only we could get “breakfast in bed” every morning, and even cooked by someone. Many of us can’t enjoy that luxury every day, but this panda doesn’t seem to deny herself that pleasure, and foodies on the internet are jealous of her.  

A cute video posted by “Buitengebieden” on Twitter shows the panda sleeping peacefully in the zoo. An employee then approaches the panda and tries to wake it up by poking it with a carrot. After a few pokes, the panda starts to toss and turn, and when it wakes up, it sees the carrot and immediately grabs it. The panda can then be seen chewing on the carrot. The video is aptly titled, “Wake up! It’s snack time!”  

The video with the panda has already gained 862 thousand views, more than 40 thousand likes, and thousands of comments. While the vast and lazy panda melts our hearts, the internet links this video to their desire to have their snacks served this way. Words are popping up online, such as:   

“Wake me up like this with food!”.  

“I want to live my life like this panda. Only wake me up when you have a snack.”   

Many users find this video normal as they do the same with their kids and pets.  

Can you enjoy waking up right in your bed? Or do you only dream about it?