This video has caught the attention of dog lovers and foodies alike. It shows a dog demonstrating his love for pizza most eccentrically. 

When we crave our favorite food, we are ready to do anything to get it. A ball of ice cream, a slice of pizza, or a portion of noodles – we all have our list of foods we love and crave occasionally. Are you a pizza lover like us? Welcome to our club! But if you call yourself the biggest pizza lover the world has to offer; someone outdoes you on this one. And it’s not a human; it’s a dog! Surprised? We too, when we saw this video of a cute dog who loves pizza so much that he snatches it from a human’s mouth. 

The video was posted on Barked, an Instagram page dedicated to videos and posts featuring dogs. One video that has caught the attention of dog lovers and foodies alike is a video of a dog who demonstrated his immense love for pizza. 

The video shows a man taking a bite of pizza, but the dog sitting next to him instantly jumps to snatch the slice from his mouth and clutches it tightly.  

The video has racked up over four thousand views and hundreds of comments. Viewers’ opinions on the video are divided. Some of them find the video cute, and there is a part of viewers who think that this act is unfair to the animal.  

Many commented with heart emoji and laughter and wrote comments such as “Gotta take advantage of these opportunities!”, “That’s me with the pizza, lol,” and “So cute.” 

And some others voted against it, writing comments such as: 

“Don’t let your dog eat pizza… he’ll probably get a tummy ache or worse.” 

“I love dogs, but this is not the right thing to do; my dog knows to give me space, and it’s not a good idea to give her table scraps if you want her to be healthy.”