The video captures a man cutting a watermelon in half while an impatient monkey happily jumps around him. Read more details below. 

Not only cats and dogs but videos of monkeys doing funny antics have always been viral on the internet. Most of these videos are food related. Be it the viral monkey spotted eating pani puri in Gujarat or the footage of a primate teaching its child not to take food from strangers, there is no shortage of monkey content on social media. And here’s the latest video that has caught the attention of Twitter users – a human sharing a watermelon with a monkey. 

The video opens with a man cutting a watermelon into halves while an impatient monkey excitedly jumps around him. After cutting the watermelon into two halves, the man took a piece and held it out to the monkey. While the monkey enjoyed the sweet treat, the man cut a piece for himself. Noticing that the monkey was standing while he ate, he invited him to sit down. And you know what the most surprising thing is? The monkey followed his instruction.  

“Eating watermelon together,” reads the caption to the viral video on Twitter. The video, posted on July 30, has already racked up more than 8.3 million views.  

You can watch the video below. 

Twitter users called the clip “beautiful.” One user wrote, “This is my reaction to fresh watermelon.” 

Before this, a video in Gujarat captured a monkey eating pani puri from a street food vendor. The footage captured the monkey sitting on a body (food tray) where the vendor was serving pani puri. The video was shot at Dayanand Chowk in Gujarat’s Tankar district. The internet was surprised. Watch the full version of the video here.