Gangster Keef Dee, who admitted his involvement in the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur, may also know information about a similar unsolved case of iconic rapper Biggie Smalls. 

Keef Dee, whose home is at the center of a police investigation into the murder of Tupac Shakur, may have other important information related to the murder of famed rapper Biggie Smalls. 

The Compton gangster has admitted in several interviews and books that he gave the gun to his nephew Orlando Anderson, who is accused of shooting rapper Tupac in Las Vegas in September 1996. 

At this point, a source who reportedly communicated directly with Keef had told the well-known publication The U.S. Sun that he, too, shared with Biggie Smalls sometime before the latter was killed similarly six months later, in March 1997, in Los Angeles. 

According to an insider, the sixty-year-old mobster said he was invited to “chill” with Biggie and Bad Boy Records label boss Puff Daddy as they drank champagne at a party at the Petersen Auto Museum in Miracle Mile. 

Keef, who was acquainted with rapper Big Poppa, has long insisted that he had nothing to do with the murder as he is a member of the Southside Cripps, a notorious gang based in Compton, California. 

Keef also claims that he warned Puffy to be careful because members of rival gangs were near Petersen’s, where the East-West rap wars heated up in the 1990s. 

Over the past few years, Keefe has been known to admit to his colleagues that he had “his knowledge and information about suspicious individuals at the party who never spoke to the police or the FBI.” 

A journalist who spoke to the gangster about his experience at the party said: “Keefe says he knows all about the night Biggie was killed. 

He says he has detailed information on how everything went down and knows who was responsible for pulling the trigger. 

They also noted that there were those people “within the party” who helped “set up” the murder by “keeping tabs on Biggie.” 

The source also noted that people in these criminal communities knew he was there, and others were elated that he was on good terms with Biggie.” 

He said information was shared with him, and he now knows how things went down and who was involved.  

“Whether he is just talking to be the ‘big man’ is unknown. But he did know many people on both sides of the gangs.” 

People around Biggie and Puffy assured them he was not involved and on good terms with them. He made that clear.  

He always said he felt something was happening that night because he saw the warring gangs near the party. He always stuck to his version that he warned Puffy, as he still called him, that they should be prepared for possible trouble.  

Keef found himself at the epicenter of the investigation into Tupac’s death after homicide detectives searched his Las Vegas home, where he lives with his partner. 

Last month, under warrants signed by a Las Vegas judge, investigators seized phones, computers, photos, and bullets believed to contain information about Tupac’s tragic murder.  

Homicide detectives are gathering case files and evidence regarding possible charges.