In life, animals live to hunt or be prey, kill or be killed. Animals know how to forage for food, shelter, and sustenance; they are great at adapting to whatever situation and environment they find themselves in. This is especially true for homeless animals. Homeless cats and dogs are adapted to life on the streets and generally survive for long periods. However, injuries from accidents or abuse can make life very difficult for a stray animal on the dirty streets of big cities. This happened to Winnie the Pooh, who was found with severe injuries on the roads of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Fortunately, Winnie the Pooh was given the necessary medical attention and now he has a new life.

It is not reported how Winnie the Pooh was injured, but a kind woman who found him brought him to the clinic to see surgeon Vladislav Zlatinov.

After examining Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Zlatinov concluded that Winnie the Pooh needed to be amputated.

Complications from the surgery could have led to Winnie the Pooh being euthanized. However, not wanting this, the surgeon devised an ingenious idea.

He fitted Winnie the Pooh with prosthetic limbs: ” I had a vague idea that this was sometimes done, but it seemed impossible for our practice,” says Zlatinov. “But I wanted to try it.”

Thanks to Dr. Zlatinov, Winnie the Pooh is already well-adjusted to his new limbs.

“Winnie the Pooh moves freely on a flat surface, walks, runs, even makes small jumps. The most important thing is that he has no pain”.