As a result of a congenital disability, the Raven kitten was born with only two hind legs. It was a difficult time in her life. Rooks was placed in a shelter in New Orleans because she could not defecate. She hoped to find a permanent and loving home there.

Jackie, who works at a nearby veterinary clinic with the shelter where the kitten was taken, saw her.

She immediately took him in and named the cat Little Bunny Sue Rooks Hendrickson Dean Aiki.

After settling into her new home, the new owner learned that the cat lived just like any other cat and nothing could stop her.

Rooks not only demonstrated that she could live an everyday life, but with the help of the media, she spread her joy all over the Internet.

The cat has its own Instagram page with many followers – more than 319 thousand people.

Rooks has demonstrated that she can live an everyday life and has also used the media to spread her joy all over the Internet.