Meet Fedya, an unusual kitten with a peculiar appearance that has won many hearts.

He has the strangest expression on his face, which is so unique and unrepeatable.

However, it is still a mystery why he has such an appearance.

Kitten is famous for his eternally surprised facial expression: he is pleased now.

Once, Natalia Kota and her brother and sister brought home a stray cat.

It was a fragile and sickly kitten, Fedya, who couldn’t even play or walk fast.

Despite lying on the floor all day, he managed to go outside.

Fedya’s photos were soon published in the Western press and immediately went viral.

His life began to be followed by thousands of people to learn more about his well-being.

Thus, Fedya became famous due to his unique appearance and unknown history.

He was found by Natalia when he was only a few weeks old.

As soon as the woman saw him, the kitten looked at her with surprised eyes and immediately melted her heart.

The woman began nursing little Fedya back to health and normalcy.

After a while, thanks to the constant love and attention of a kind woman, the little kitten began to get better every day.

In addition, Natalia had another wonderful cat living at home, which gave Fedya special attention.

This cat is known for his eternally surprised expression: he is now pleased.

In short, this sweet and extraordinary cat is living his best days surrounded by warmth and unconditional love.