time passes.

Recently, a Twitter user under the nickname @achebit shared a photo of his black cat with unique eyes. The snapshot quickly went viral and won everyone’s hearts.

“Every day I am forced to look at this eldritch horror,” the Twitter user wrote.

The cute cat in the photo is named Gremlin. He has black fur and round orange eyes reminiscent of horror movie cats. With his unique appearance, the Gremlin could be associated with witchcraft and considered a living symbol of Halloween. But in reality, he doesn’t bring misfortune or curses to anyone.

As his owners tell us, they didn’t expect him to have such unique eyes when he showed up at their house. Before, when he was younger, his eyes were much paler. The eyes only changed as he got older.

Not all black cats have orange eyes; they range in color from green to forest green to orange to copper. When kittens are babies, their eye color starts out blue but changes to adult color as they grow older.

” We got Gremlin shortly after moving to Melbourne from Sydney, Australia. He will be two years old in December! Of course, we had no idea his eyes would be this color, as we got him when he was tiny, and his eyes were much paler, as most cats are born with blue eyes! You can see early pictures of him on his Instagram page – his eyes have become much brighter as he’s aged. We jokingly call Gremlin our son, haha. We love him very much,” Gremlin’s owner tells Bored Panda.

Gremlin is now an adult cat who loves to express himself in funny ways. He loves keeping his owners company while they work. He wants to stay with them.

“I do music; he sits with me while I teach and write songs. My companion is an indie game developer, and Gremlin sits in his studio and keeps him company while he codes and creates his games. He kept us from going wild during our isolation in Melbourne. It’s almost impossible not to smile when he enters a room.”

People have fallen in love with the terrifying but lovable cat:

In the comments, one person said: “‘When I saw the picture, I thought, “Wow, what pretty eyes.” And then I opened the photo and was transported to an alternate realm where time and reality have no meaning.”

Another user said: ” I can imagine this cat’s eyes glowing in a dark room, and when someone turns on the light, it makes this face. It would be terrifying, and then a second later, a total delight.”