Julia Fox: The actress trying to stay humble …

Julia Fox is causing misunderstanding online by talking about her cramped and messy New York City apartment. The video has racked up millions of views on TikTok and sparked a debate about celebrity modesty and wealth.

Fox, 33, is a model and actress best known for her role in the movie “Uncut Jewels” alongside Adam Sandler. In 2019, she was nominated for a Breakthrough Actor Award at the Gotham Awards for this role.

For a very tense second in 2022, Fox was in the global spotlight due to her very public and brief relationship with Kanye West. During an interview with The Cut, she said that the virality of the romance was only because “people had something to talk about” during the pandemic.

Other than that, Fox is known for her bold and daring fashion choices. 

In her blog on TikTok, Fox told her subscribers that she is giving the tour because she believes in “maximum transparency.” “I know I’m going to get scolded for this,” she said. “But maybe someone will watch this and say, ‘OK, maybe I don’t have it so bad.'”

The contestant said she put her bed in the living room of her two-bedroom apartment so that her former room could be used as a playroom for her son Valentino.

According to the girl, her bedroom/living room also has clothes and toys, a vial of her friend’s ashes, and “a grow station where nothing grows because we don’t know what we’re doing.”

The hallway, designed to match the aesthetic of the rest of her home, is full of clutter, mainly in the form of toys and clothes.

The star having just one bathroom in her home (rather than 10) is incredibly believable. Fox described it as tiny but said it “does what it’s supposed to do.” It has a tub/shower and plenty of room on the side of the sink for her groceries.

Although we didn’t see it in Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, Foxx showed off her decent-sized kitchen with the usual appliances, a cotton candy machine, and shoeboxes. 

The most significant effort, she said, she put into decorating her son’s room, but he hardly uses it and spends most of his time in the main room. 

Talking about her humble abode, she noted, ” I don’t like excessive displays of wealth; it makes me feel uncomfortable. This country has so many homeless people, and it’s very wasteful.” That statement drew applause from many commenters.

But what drew less applause was Fox’s admission that she does have “a little bit of a small mouse problem.” ” It makes me feel good that they come in and clean up the crumbs that my son drops on the floor. So I’m not going to evict the mice anytime soon.”

While fans were thrilled to see the brutally honest and believable celebrity’s home, some questioned the safety and hygiene of her abode, mainly when she lived with a young child. 

According to the singer, this is her home, even though she could afford a more prominent place. She doesn’t usually wear expensive clothes; if she does, it’s borrowed.

According to the singer, the Internet estimates her fortune at $30 million, but she said it’s “not even close to that.” She also advised her fans not to believe what is written on websites about her net worth.

Fox was born in Italy, where she lived for several years. ” My family lived in a one-bedroom apartment; we were all cramped, but I never felt poor; life was not hectic,” she said in an interview with Vogue magazine. She later grew up in New York City, where, at one time, she and her father were even homeless.