Meghan Markle reportedly feels “humiliated” by a recent episode of Family Guy mocking the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and believes the skit was “totally unfair.”

According to Meghan Markle, the “vicious attack” by the makers of Family Guy was “totally unfair,” and she is “desperate” to repair the couple’s reputation in the US.

Sources near Meghan and Prince Harry said the episode was an “outrageous insult” and unfair, making them feel “people don’t take them seriously.” The insider says they think they “can’t catch a break” after being “attacked from inside Hollywood.”

They said the “vicious attack” sparked by the Family Guy episode “made it clear that things have turned against them in America” and Meghan doesn’t like it. They said: ” According to Megan, she doesn’t want to be subjected to this humiliation and is desperately looking for a solution. The two are in a state of complete panic.

” More than anything else, they are hurt and cutting their ears to hear that it’s hyping up the situation, that they are self-righteous cheaters or spoiled children.” The source says Meghan believes the only way to save their brand is for Harry to “swallow his pride and apologize to his family,” they told Closer.

Recall that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are starring in a new series of the hit satirical cartoon. In the episode, the main character, Peter Griffin, compares himself to the couple while sitting with a group of friends in a bar. While chatting with his buddies, Peter tries to figure out how to get the money owed to him.

As a result, he came up with the idea of “doing it all himself,” as Meghan and Harry did when they left the post of working members of the royal family in 2020. The Sussexes appear in the footage, sitting in swimsuits by the pool.

The butler waits for the couple and hands them “millions from Netflix.” Holding the money to them, the butler tells Harry, ” Sir, your millions from Netflix for …. you-know-what.” In response, Harry utters: “Put them with the rest.”

As the butler hurries to leave, Meghan receives a notification on her phone. ” Hey babe, it’s time to do our daily sponsored Instagram post for Del Taco for $250,000,” she tells her husband. To which Harry, clearly alluding to the royal family, replies: ” I shouldn’t have left that made-up nonsense.”