Now we want our money back! This is the least we deserve for paying so much!”  

One married couple has received widespread publicity after claiming their flight experience was ruined by a loudly farting dog. They claim they had no idea that flying premium class on Singapore Airlines could put them in such a situation. As a result, they are demanding their money back because they paid a lot of money, and this is the least of it, and this is the least they deserve.

Gill and Warren Press claim they were on a Singapore Airlines flight that departed from Paris. They wanted the best flight experience possible and only chose premium class.

But what they got in return was below average.

They were seated next to a boisterous and gassing service dog that may have seemed distant, but its sounds and odor of gasses were simply unbearable. From noisy growling to heavy snorting, the couple said they were annoyed and couldn’t wait for the plane to land. They tried calling for help, but they didn’t get much help as the staff couldn’t do anything to move the puppy to another seat. 

The owner claims the puppy should have been by her side as the pet helped calm her anxiety, “I was upset; I was having a hard time. It was challenging, and now they are demanding a refund as they feel such actions are unacceptable.

Internet users are divided in their opinions on the matter. They argue that gas and noise are not something any airline can control. And one can only dream about refunding money for every child who started screaming on board the airplane.