John Travolta never found new love after the tragic death of his wife of 29 years, Kelly Preston, but there is one woman who seems to have a firm place in his heart – his stunning daughter, Ella Blue Travolta.

The actor has long had a very close bond with his daughter, so it’s no surprise that as he celebrated his 69th birthday in Las Vegas over the weekend, he wanted 22-year-old Ella by his side.

Together with friends, the father-daughter duo traveled to Sin City and spent a glamorous weekend filled with dinners at five-star restaurants, tickets to Las Vegas’ most popular shows, and gambling at the city’s famous casinos.

At only 22, Ella has already achieved great success in her career. It is not only the modeling industry (last fall, she took part in numerous New York Fashion Week events in various stylish images) but also a successful actress and singer.

Thanks to her famous father, she got her first role on the big screen when she was only nine years old and has since starred in many movies and shows.

Thanks to her famous father, she got her first big screen role when she was nine years old and has starred in many movies and shows since then.

On social media, her father, John, has constantly admired Ella and supported her every step of the way.

While Ella has undoubtedly accomplished a lot, she didn’t have the easiest Childhood. She tragically lost her older brother Jett when she was nine – after he had a seizure and hit his head in the bathtub.

In 2020, her mother, Kelly, passed away from breast cancer.

However, despite experiencing grief and loss as a child, Ella continued to overcome it and became a strong individual in many industries.

As she and John continue to show off their strong bond online, FEMALE has gathered everything you need to know about the talented fashionista, musician, and movie star.

From her close relationship with her famous father to her impressive accomplishments, here’s everything we know about John’s only daughter, Ella, who stays in the spotlight.

Ella’s sad Childhood: how the model survived losing her brother at an early age and then losing her mother years later

John met Ella’s mother, the late actress Kelly while filming The Experts in 1988, and according to the movie star, John took an immediate liking to her.

They got engaged on New Year’s Eve 1990, and by 1991 they were married.

They subsequently had three children: son Jett in 1992, daughter Ella in 2000, and son Benjamin in 2010. True, in January 2009, there was a tragedy in the family – Jett died at the age of 16.

The teenager was on vacation in the Bahamas when he had a seizure and hit his head on the bathtub.

He had reportedly had Kawasaki disease since the age of two, which caused him to have regular seizures.

They were together for 29 years until Kelly passed away at 57 in July 2020 after a two-year battle with breast cancer.

Ella’s Impressive Career: How she became an actor, singer, and, more recently, a model after having a passion for performing at an early age thanks to her famous parents.

Ella’s career began in 2009, right after Jett’s death, when she landed a role in the movie Old Dogs.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she told her father that she wanted to act in movies at the age of seven, and he got his way by proposing her to various directors.

She has told People that her love for performing started at an early age, growing up with her famous parents.

The girl also told the publication that having her father on set “helped a lot” because it was “so calming.”

Ella is also a musician: her first single, Dizzy, will premiere in January 2022, and her second song, Nothank You in December 2022.

She also revealed last year that she is preparing to release her first EP, which will be out sometime this year but did not specify exactly when it would be released.

In addition, Ella entered the world of modeling last year, making a splash at New York Fashion Week.

At the Kate Spade presentation, she appeared in a lacy white top and matching skirt, and a few days later, she was invited to a party dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld’s capsule collection Cara Loves Karl, where she appeared in a black top with a corset and a dark set of jacket and pants.

Most recently, she became the face of Silk Next Milk’s plant-based milk brand.

Strong bond with her father: John and Ella can’t stop talking about each other on social media and in interviews.

John opened up to People magazine about his relationship with Ella, calling her “compassionate, generous, balanced, graceful and gorgeous.”

“I hope someday to be at least half as good a parent as you are.” Happy Father’s Day to this incredible man”.

Not long ago, she shared selfies from a trip to Las Vegas, to which she captioned, “Yesterday was my hero’s birthday. She is the most amazing father, friend, and role model anyone could ever dream of. I love you daddy.”

She also repeatedly remembered her late mother online, calling her a “wonderful role model” in a sweet message for Mother’s Day in May 2022.