Viral Video: In the video, a dog lifts his monkey friend on his back so he can reach a bag of chips hanging outside a store. On social media, users are calling it a perfect example of “partners in crime.”

Viral: Dog videos are undoubtedly a favorite for video and social media lovers, aren’t they? A dog and monkey video is spreading on the internet where a dog helps his monkey friend steal a packet of chips, and trust me; this is the cutest video you will see on the internet today. The video, posted on Twitter by Twitter user Tarana Hussain, shows the dog lifting his friend, a monkey, onto his back to reach a packet of chips outside a store. Social media followers call the video a prime example of a “criminal partnership.”

According to reports, Instagram user Memes initially posted the video last December. Bks with the caption, ” Someone said monkey and dog are bad friends.” This video is going viral again, and we’re not surprised why. After all, she deserves all the love she can get.

Users on social media express their love for these furry delinquents in the comments. Check out the hilarious reactions here.

Did the duo succeed? Supporting the team!” wrote one user.

‘After watching this, I remembered my friend,’ commented one user. “Teamwork,” noted a second user. Some user comments, such as “Parallel universe,” went to another level.

The video received over 2,500 likes and over 29,000 views on Instagram.

The same video was posted on a YouTube channel called “The Dodo,” where it garnered more than 10,000 views and over seventeen thousand likes.